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Jun 18, 2017

Dreamcatching travels alone to Twin Peaks and meets a couple of friends there. Oh, and a mom.
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May 5, 2017

It's another little episode! We hang out with David from Episode 02, and see part of the reason for the next episode... existing.
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Apr 25, 2017

This episode, a look in to daydreaming inspires a question: Can people do it too much?
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"When Daydreaming Replaces Real Life," The Atlantic
"The Virtues of Daydreaming," The New Yorker

Apr 18, 2017

It's another Tinysode- but, it's an update!

"How artificial intelligence learns to be racist"
Brian Resnick, Vox

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Mar 23, 2017

In this episode of Dreamcatching, we examine an old Mac game and how it made me think too much about Artificial Intelligence, computer imagination and hackers.